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We Believe Every Hobbyist Deserves the Tools for Success.

We understand how important quality is to fish keepers. Quality fish, quality food and quality products. That's why we've teamed up to bring you the best aquarium products curated by us, delivered to you, to take your hobby to the next level.

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How it works

1. Choose Freshwater, Cichlid or Saltwater

Each box will contain items specific to a freshwater or saltwater hobbyist. If you keep both, subscribe to your favorite.

2. We stuff that box full of aquarium products

We work all month long to form the connections and expertly craft a collection of products that every fish keeper will appreciate.

3. Boxes ship once per month

Enjoy opening your box every month! Boxes ship around the 15th. Order before the 4th to get your box the same month.

What's inside the box?

We're so glad you asked! Every box will contain approximately five aquarium related products. What types of products can you expect?  In general, the items that you'll receive will include an aquarium gadget or tool, a natural aquarium decoration, a new type of fish food, and a medication or aquarium supplement, along with other supplies. Every month is different.

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Film an Unboxing Video and WIN!

We want you to share your love of My Aquarium Box, so we're offering free Marineland gear and swag once per month to the winner of our Mega Box contest! Here's how it works: subscribe to My Aquarium Box, film an unboxing video showing what you love most about My Aquarium Box, and post it to YouTube with the hashtag #MyAquariumBox in the title. Once per month we'll score your entries and award one winner with a Mega Box, filled with even MORE great aquarium stuff - Exclusively sponsored by Marineland. No purchase necessary, click below for official rules and details.

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