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A little about our mission…

MyAquariumBox is dedicated to bringing you the best aquarium products from the world’s most respected aquarium brands. In every box we strive to deliver a superior value, excellent customer support and exclusive access to the products and deals to take your hobby to the next level. We want you to be as excited about the products as we are when we find them and bring them to you. We look forward to seeing you succeed at this hobby, and hope we can help you achieve that success every month.

Meet our team

Mike (Mass Aquariums)

I've been in the aquarium hobby ever since I was a kid, my focus is on South American Cichlids and Saltwater Reef Aquariums. I currently run two reef tanks and three tropical freshwater tanks.  I've published over 200 YouTube videos on how to keep fish tanks and have fun while doing it.


Greg (Greg's Fish Room)

I've been in the aquarium hobby for the last 15 years, my focus is on freshwater livebearers, I built my fishroom two years ago and continue the quest towards fully automating my system.  On Youtube I've published over 300 educational videos on how to be a better aquarist.

Michael (Aaron's Aquariums)

I've been in the aquarium hobby for just over two years, my focus is on the Saltwater side of the hobby.  I currently run a 200 gallon mixed reef aquarium.  In my year and a half on Youtube I've owned a variety of Aquarium setups which include Discus, African Cichlids, Marine Fish and Seahorses.

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