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What's Inside?

Each My Aquarium Box comes packed full of aquarium products, typically what you can expect is a fish food, gadget or tool, supplement, and natural decor items. Every month will feature a new set of products ready to use!

Suits your needs

  • Pick from freshwater, cichlid or saltwater to get the subscription that will meet the needs of your aquarium. Every item is tailored to meet your individual needs.
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High quality brands

Every item packed into My Aquarium Box meets our high standards of quality, safety and reliability. If we won't use it in our own aquariums you'll never see it in your My Aquarium Box. That's our promise to you.

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How it works

1. Subscribe to a freshwater or saltwater box

Each box will contain items specific to a freshwater or saltwater hobbyist. If you keep both, subscribe to your favorite.

2. We stuff that box full of aquarium products

We work all month long to form the connections and expertly craft a collection of products that every fish keeper will appreciate.

3. Enjoy your aquarium over and over again

Enjoy opening your box every month knowing that you're getting an amazing deal, and growing as a hobbyist.

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